The 10 Best Plumber Mobile App Options for Businesses

In today’s competitive plumbing industry, staying organized, efficient, and connected is key to success. Fortunately, there are a ton of plumber mobile app options available to help:

  • Streamline tasks
  • Enhance productivity 
  • Elevate service quality for professionals in the field

In this blog, we’ll explore the 10 best plumbing mobile apps that every professional needs to have at their fingertips.

FieldEdge Google Play / App Store

Features: FieldEdge’s plumber mobile app is a secret weapon that helps your entire team manage your plumbing business and take customer service to the next level. It also has a ton of features and integrations that make it your go-to plumber mobile app!

  • Customer Management: Review all work performed and which repairs or replacements have been completed previously by your team. Also, use images to show homeowners what problems exist.
  • Quotes & Invoices: Reduce unpaid invoices and get paid faster with seamless credit card payments 
  • QuickBooks Integration: Every transaction flows into QuickBooks, cutting way back on data entry.
  • Mobile CRM: Communicate with your entire team from anywhere, create work orders on-the-go and dispatch techs from your mobile device. 

Benefits: FieldEdge boasts enhanced scheduling and dispatching, streamlined billing and invoicing, marketing automation, comprehensive reporting/analytics, and much more.

Plumbing Formulator | App Store

Features: Plumbing Formulator is a handy plumber mobile app that provides access to over 120 formulas and calculations commonly used in plumbing projects. It covers areas such as pipe sizing, water flow, pressure loss, fixture units and more.

Benefits: Plumbing Formulator allows plumbers to quickly and accurately perform calculations on-site, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. It’s a valuable tool for planning, troubleshooting, and estimating projects.


FleetSharp | Google Play / App Store / FleetSharp

FleetSharp GPS Tracking is a partner of FieldEdge and provides a complete solution for field service managers to track vehicle and asset locations, driver behavior, and vehicle maintenance needs—all in one place. 


  • Easy installation of GPS tracking functionality to communicate mobile asset location information to owners
  • Monitor your fleet’s location, performance, maintenance and speed
  • Set up custom alerts for time sensitive events, hourly job summaries and daily reporting of driving behavior


  • Save money by accurately tracking mileage
  • Reduce fuel consumption and work towards better fuel management
  • Easy-to-use system that you can get up and running within minutes and start tracking inside the FieldEdge software

Code Snap UPC  | App Store  

Code Snap simplifies your access to The Uniform Plumbing Code, eliminating the need to sift through countless pages or consume your device’s data. It conveniently references the most frequently used code sections required for your tasks, reducing the time spent navigating the code book.


  • Instant access to essential tables
  • Built-in calculator for efficient code filtering
  • Color-coded for compliance with national standards
  • Tailored for experienced plumbers working on-site


Code Snap UPC saves you tons of time searching for major plumbing codes. 

Easy Measure | App Store

Easy Measure is another great tool for plumbers helping with all their measuring needs. It utilizes the camera lens of your iPhone or iPad to display the distance to objects in view. 


  • User friendly interface with Retina Display Graphics and 3D engine
  • Supports Augmented Reality (AR) to make measurements even easier
  • Measures distance. Can be updated to measure the height and width of objects
  • Share your results by email, Facebook or X
  • Includes the possibility to calibrate your iPhone/iPad for most accurate results
  • Displays accuracy of measurement


By pointing your device towards any object, EasyMeasure superimposes the distance onto the camera image. Great app for measuring in tight places! Its intuitive 3D camera overlay grid makes using EasyMeasure effortless and straightforward.

Pipe and Fitting| Google Play

Features: Pipe and Fitting is a plumber mobile app designed to assist plumbers in measuring the dimensions of pipes and fittings.

It offers various measuring accessories, enabling users to determine dimensions for pipe sizes, clamps, fittings, flanges, hangers and gaskets. The app supports both metric and imperial units, allowing your team to seamlessly switch between measurement systems based on their preferences.


  • Pipe dimension measurement
  • Pipe strength measurement
  • Fitting dimension measurement
  • Pipe flange dimension measurement

Thumbtack | Google Play / App Store

Features: Thumbtack is a plumber-centric app designed to empower professionals in finding the jobs necessary to expand their business on their own terms. This can be a great tool when you are working to build your customer base! 

Through Thumbtack, you can establish a business profile outlining your services and availability. The platform then pairs you with relevant job opportunities, for which you are charged. 

Notifications for new leads and customer messages are sent through the app, allowing you to promptly respond and enhance your chances of securing the job and receiving positive ratings.


  • Profile for users
  • Reviews from customers
  • Targeting preferences
  • Interactions with customers

Tape Measure | App Store

Tape Measure features a complete toolkit in your pocket. Transform your iPhone into an indispensable digital toolkit for precise measurements and accurate assessments.

Features include:

  • Tape measure (of course!)
  • Floor plan tool
  • 3D floor plan tool
  • Area tool
  • Flashlight
  • Screenshots ruler
  • Height tool
  • Bubble level
  • Snap & chain measurements
  • Imperial and metric

Benefits: With advanced AI and computer vision technology at your fingertips, you can rely on unparalleled precision in your measurements, ensuring optimal results every time.

Also, has a recently added addition to the toolkit: the innovative 3D Floor Plan tool. Effortlessly scan any room, and watch as the app seamlessly generates a detailed 3D model complete with precise measurements.

CompanyCam Google Play / App Store

CompanyCam is a great app for keeping track of all your job photos and documents.  With CompanyCam, streamline your work seamlessly by organizing all tasks based on GPS location. 

Features include:

  • GPS and time-stamped photos 
  • Live photo and project feed across your business
  • Document scanning and management
  • On-photo annotations and comments
  • Powerful checklists
  • Photo report builder
  • Templates for streamlining work
  • Integrations with over 50 industry CRMs, FSMs and more.

Benefits: Experience swift progress updates across all your projects, simplified check-ins with on-site crews, enhanced customer satisfaction, and more, courtesy of this innovative photo-centric solution.

HINT: FieldEdge can help with job photos and document management too! 

QuickBooks Google Play / App Store

The QuickBooks app offers numerous features and benefits tailored to streamline financial management for businesses. 

Features: The QuickBooks app offers numerous features and benefits tailored to streamline financial management for businesses including: 

  • Invoicing
  • Account Management
  • Expense Tracking: 
  • Bank Reconciliation 


Here are some of the many benefits of using QuickBooks for your plumbing business:

  • Time Savings: QuickBooks automates many accounting tasks, saving users time on manual data entry, reconciliation, and reporting, allowing them to focus on growing their business.
  • Improved Accuracy: By centralizing financial data and automating calculations, QuickBooks reduces the risk of human error and ensures the accuracy of financial records and reports.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The app provides anytime, anywhere access to financial information via mobile devices, allowing users to stay connected to their business and make informed decisions on the go.
  • Better Financial Management: With comprehensive financial insights and reporting tools, QuickBooks empowers users to make informed decisions, identify trends, and optimize business performance.
  • Increased Efficiency: QuickBooks streamlines financial processes, such as invoicing, expense tracking, and payroll management, improving overall efficiency and productivity within the organization.

FieldEdge has a 2-way QuickBooks sync. Every transaction, whether in the field or in the office, flows right into QuickBooks.

More Apps to Consider

Housecall Pro: A home businesses software featuring online booking, dispatching, invoicing, payment processing, marketing tools and customer management. They don’t have real strong payment processing though. 

Service Fusion: Service Fusion is a field service management software. It offers scheduling and dispatching, job estimating and quoting, inventory management, and reporting and analytics among other things. However their integrations are not their strong point. 

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Pump Up Productivity With the Best Plumber Mobile Apps

Now, you know the best plumber mobile app options for plumbers.

When you take advantage of these plumber mobile apps, you can:

  • Elevate productivity instantly
  • Optimize time and resource utilization
  • Achieve higher efficiency within shorter durations
  • Enhance safety through precise calculations
  • Reduce redundant data entry and clerical mistakes

Start using these best apps for plumbers to quickly streamline operations and maximize resources today!

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