Plumbing and Heating Business Software to Boost Sales and Accounting 

Running a plumbing and heating business presents a host of challenges. Between estimating, invoicing, sales and accounting, a routine job can be time consuming and difficult. But we’re here to help by showing you how service software can make your life easier.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work smarter and not harder? To make all your business systems more automated and structured? The best plumbing and heating business software has the ability to streamline many of your tiresome processes. 

In this article, we’ll explore how top-shelf plumbing and heating software can help out both sales and accounting. Also, we’ll show you what other helpful features you can use to streamline your entire plumbing and heating business system. 

In this article, we’ll cover how the best plumbing and heating business software:

  • Improves the sales process from price presentation to customer management
  • Saves hours spent during the accounting process and minimizes mistakes
  • Streamlines your plumbing and heating business with many other time saving features

Shake Up Your Sales With the Best Plumbing and Heating Software

For a business to be successful, you want to be profitable and growing. The right software can dramatically improve how you present prices and options, increase repeat sales and customer loyalty while reducing costs. 

Here are several software features that can help your sales process.

Mobile CRM

A Mobile CRM (i.e. Customer Relationship Management), is the platform that tracks all interactions between a business and current/potential customers. 

This allows the techs, office staff and customers to: 

  • Stay connected throughout the day
  • Increase profits and reduce costs by alerting customers you are on your way. 
  • Track revenue and ROI, and show customer and equipment history for every work order.

Price Presentation

With a robust price presentation tool, your techs will be much more comfortable stepping into the role of salesmen. Easy to use digital pricebooks allow your techs to quickly and easily show the customer recommended equipment and services.

  • Good-Better-Best options: More options translates to more sales. By giving the customer multiple options for service or equipment you put the decision in their hands. 
  • Visual Price Presentation: Show the customer the equipment or parts they are buying. Not only do you look like a pro, but this helps to persuade purchasing.
  • Upselling Add Ons: Offering customers a bundle or related products at the right time is critical to increasing the overall ticket. A great price presentation feature helps!

Customer Management

Customer management is another great feature to review all previous work performed when a customer contacts you. You instantly know exactly what equipment you have installed and what services you have completed. Also, attached pictures to work orders are helpful during the sales process!


How Plumbing and Heating Business Software Helps Out Accounting 

The right plumbing software makes the accounting process a breeze. Once you have the estimate in the system generating the invoice is as simple as hitting enter or tapping the screen. No more risking mistakes with data entry or worse, trying to decipher a tech’s handwriting.

It gets even better from here for your accountant. Most plumbing and heating software (like FieldEdge!) are integrated with QuickBooks. This means that every transaction passes seamlessly into QuickBooks. With live integration, the moment an invoice is sent to QuickBooks it’s there to see, much better than batching invoices. 

Now, your office staff and techs in the field are in sync. No phone calls chasing down information that was never entered or tying up loose ends.

Most estimating software also offers a way to pay online as soon as the job is complete. This allows the tech to collect payment before leaving the customer’s driveway. This makes it easier for the customer and your business and keeps the cash flow flowing!


Additional Ways the Best Plumbing and Heating Software Can Scale Your Business

Sales and accounting are only two parts of your business. Here are a few of the many ways FieldEdge will help streamline your day-to-day business operations to scale your business:

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Set Your Sales and Accounting in a Better Place!

You now have a better idea on how software can streamline your accounting process and boost your bottom line. Revolutionize your business and streamline daily operations by choosing FieldEdge today to:

  • Increase sales using a mobile CRM, a polished price presentation and customer management features
  • Streamline your accounting process with QuickBooks integration and options to pay right away on mobile devices
  • Access several money and time-saving software solutions, including performance dashboards and dispatching

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