Video Testimonial: Grow With Service Management Software

Kemco Facilities Services’s Testimonial

Like many field service businesses, Kemco Facilities Services has big plans to grow their company

They realized that they needed cutting-edge service management software that could help them scale higher. 

After researching, they moved from an ESC on-premise solution to FieldEdge’s cloud-based software. Here’s what happened when they made the switch.

Kemco’s Story: Switching Service Management Software

Kemco Facilities Services is a facilities maintenance business based in Montgomery, Alabama. Founded in 2014, Kemco provides maintenance services to commercial buildings across the Southeast United States.

The Kemco team used on-premise ESC software, but realized they would need help in order to grow and scale their business. They began the search for a system that would send information between the field and the office without a delay.

“We looked for something that provided real-time information as accurate and efficient as possible,” said Kyle Jackson, Kemco’s HR director.

Kemco needed their work orders and accounting system to sync seamlessly. They hoped to reduce their outstanding accounts receivable because most invoices were 45-60 days past due.

“The communication with our accounting software – which is QuickBooks – wasn’t as fluid and smooth as we would like it to be,” said Kyle. “There were many interruptions.”

Kemco reduced time spent on accounting and invoicing thanks to FieldEdge and QuickBooks automatic sync

This feature allowed for field techs and office staff to always stay on the same page. Plus, the ability to complete work orders and invoice in the field helped improve invoicing turn-around times.

After switching to FieldEdge software, 90% of Kemco’s invoices were paid before the 45 day mark.

When Kemco purchased FieldEdge, Kyle was nervous about the process of moving their data from desktop to the cloud

Moving all of their information and records was an intimidating task, but he was pleasantly surprised when the transition went smoothly. Kyle credits the FieldEdge support team for providing a streamlined process when switching software.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better team and support group,” said Kyle.

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