5 Reasons Your Business Needs Locksmith Software

Are you still running your locksmith business like you’re in the stone age? Do you still use paper tickets and invoicing? Or maybe you have a hard time keeping up with all your customers or going after new prospects.  

We are here to help you move your business into the 21st century – locksmith software can save you HOURS and help support your entire team and customer base! 

Your ticket to higher profits, increased efficiency and better customer service starts with locksmith software.

We’ll cover 5 reasons why your business needs locksmith software:

  • To connect employees and customers.
  • To improve dispatching.
  • To streamline accounting.
  • To assist with customer service.
  • To help with price presentation.

1. You Need a Mobile CRM that Connects the Office, Field and Customers!

A Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform is a very important tool in a locksmith’s toolbox. What does a CRM do? In a nutshell, it’s a system that tracks all interactions between a business and current or future customers. 

This data can then be used to better manage the customer experience by reducing costs and increasing profits through customer loyalty. 

The latest and greatest mobile CRMs have ability to:

  • Alert customers that the locksmith is on the way by text, email or voicemail.
  • Help measure sales and marketing efforts to track revenue and ROI .
  • Show notes, customer and equipment history on each work order.

All these features help your employees throughout their busy day! So, no more calling the office for updated information or digging for past job history. Identify your customer’s information with just a quick glance at a phone or tablet.

2. Your Dispatching Game Could Improve

Dispatching is at the forefront for many service businesses. If your dispatcher or office manager has eyes on the entire operation, they can better match the next appointment with the nearest or most skilled locksmith. This is where locksmith dispatch software comes in. 

A clunky dispatch board can slow everyone down and leads to frustration and lost opportunities. A dispatcher needs the tools to quickly assign work orders and pivot if a particular job requires a more skilled locksmith. 

The best dispatching boards:

  • Assign the right locksmith to the right job based on skill set and job location.
  • Allow staff to schedule appointments with customers ahead of time to optimize each locksmith’s route.
  • Use location mapping to gauge locksmith status in real-time (idle, traveling working, late, finished).
  • Give customers the updates they want by automatically sending a text, call or email when the locksmith is en route.
  • Utilize phone integrations so caller information auto-populates in the system, using color coding to identify prospects, customers and solicitors.
  • Allow for grouping multiple locksmiths on a single work order.

With a modern dispatch board, your business will run smoothly and efficiently. Make sure that your locksmith software offers a smart dispatching tool!

3. QuickBooks Integration can Speed Up The Accounting Process

A live QuickBooks integration is a must for locksmith service software. With over 80% of small companies using QuickBooks, it’s likely your business is also using this powerful software. 

You want software that syncs effortlessly with QuickBooks so that all your financials are up to date and easily accessible. A two-way sync is best, so your data will be accurately reflected in both QuickBooks and your locksmith software, regardless of where you entered the information.

How can a QuickBooks integration help your locksmith business? 

  • Save at least 20 hours a week on data entry as every transaction flows right into QuickBooks – no more reconciling your books at the end of the day.
  • With two-way sync, mistakes can be fixed in one place – no more correcting data in multiple software tools.
  • Track your inventory from the warehouse to the work order.
  • Avoid timely “batching” with live integration that updates QuickBooks the second you send an invoice.

QuickBooks integration saves your locksmith business a ton of time and allows your techs and office manager to work smarter.

4. Better Customer Service Brings More Customers

Your entire business relies on your customers. The best locksmith software allows your business to provide a better experience for your customers. 

Increasing customer satisfaction leads to more word-of-mouth leads, more referrals and more positive online reviews. While providing skilled and friendly service is key, locksmith software can support employees and customers behind the scenes.

How can a solid locksmith software help manage your customers? It gives you all the information you need at a glance such as:

  • Work order history – Know exactly what service you provided last time.
  • Pending/overdue invoices – Never lose track of invoices, and send automated reminders to customers of outstanding payments.
  • Equipment issues and installations – Know what you’re dealing with and when new equipment or locks will be needed.
  • Job notes – Document and reference notes about customer preferences and details – from if they have a digital keypad, to whether their dog is friendly or not. 

With locksmith software, your team will come across more polished and professional to customers. Now you’ll be one step closer to rave reviews!

5. Selling Made Easy with On-Point Price Presentation 

Sometimes customers don’t understand locksmiths, or the different solutions available. Is your price model confusing, resulting in multiple questions from your customers? Are you prepared to upsell when you present a solution and price?

Software that allows the locksmith to present a consistent and easy-to-understand price is advantageous for the employee and the customer. 

Locksmiths usually aren’t typically salespeople, so the easier to present an easy-to-understand price, the better. 

With a solid price presentation and quoting feature, your technicians will be able to offer equipment options easily, right from a phone or tablet. Software that allows you to quickly customize offerings and parts markups are ideal.

Many locksmith customers like to see good, better, best options – two or three options at different price points with varying benefits may help a customer make an informed decision, while also giving locksmiths an opportunity to upsell. 

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FieldEdge Software Unlocks Your Potential!

There you have it! You now have a good idea on just how much your business gains with locksmith software. Grow your business by ramping up efficiency, generating bigger tickets and providing great customer service.

With robust locksmith software like FieldEdge, you can:

  • Reduce the number of unpaid invoices.
  • Collect payments faster.
  • Identify your largest revenue drivers.
  • Offer a real-time QuickBooks Integration.
  • Improve customer management: past work orders, invoices, agreements, equipment.

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